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What information are you driving around?

What Information Are You Driving Around?

We see these a lot in and around Alexandria and though many love the personalization of decals on their vehicle, it can say a lot more about you than just show your personality! Decals can give criminals and those with ill intent too much information about you.

The Alexandria Police Department wants to remind people about using car stickers that give out personal information which could lead to criminal activity.

Car stickers that display your hobbies, such as hunting, could let criminals know that you have expensive hunting equipment and that you won’t be home most weekends during the peak seasons. Stickers that show activities such as dirt bike riding could be a sign that you have expensive equipment in your garage.

Police say displaying your child’s extracurricular activities and achievements could let them know that you aren’t home most evenings or weekends and also where your child attends school. They say “Baby on Board” stickers make you an easy target for criminals, letting them know you’ll be distracted when you get to your destination.

Displaying your spouse’s place of employment could be a sign that they are gone for extended periods of time. Even people who work from home are risking criminals showing up to their residence. Think carefully before you “advertise” your personal info on your vehicle!