Vision and Values


Accountability is a fundamental value that allows us to accept responsibility for our actions

Do you accept the consequences of whatever your actions are

Accountability is an undeniable component of leadership

We must be accountable to ourselves, the community we serve and our coworkers

In order for the public to be accountable, we must first be accountable to gain the trust of those we serve


Professionalism should factor into every fabric of what we represent as Alexandria Police Offers


  • We MUST take pride in what the uniform represents


  • Must be factual, thorough, and complete
  • Must be subjected to review and feedback


  • We MUST take pride in what the uniform represents


  • We must ensure that our processes are necessary and relevant. 
  • They should be efficient and effective
  • They should be constantly reevaluated


Our Duty is our moral, legal, and ethical obligation to provide public safety that each of us has sworn to uphold

It is ethically right

It is morally right

It is legally right

Duty to yourself

  • Wellness
  • Officer Safety

Duty to your family

Duty to your coworker