Safety Tips

Lock It

Lock It, or Lose It

92% of vehicle burglaries occur through UNLOCKED doors either on a residential street or in a residential driveway.

So what does that mean for you? Car burglaries ARE PREVENTABLE! How? Lock your vehicle doors, no matter where you leave your vehicle or for how long. That’s it!

Of course, keeping valuables out of plain sight (ideally, not left in the vehicle at all) helps to reduce victimization, too. However simply locking the doors is all the deterrent a burglar needs to move along.

Burglars, whether they’re of the vehicle, residential or commercial variety, don’t want to be seen or heard. Their goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible with as many of your valuables as possible. That makes unlocked vehicles the easiest target, and simply because your car may be parked in your driveway does not mean it’s not a target, to which many residents can attest.

Offenders simply walk up and down residential streets and pull on car doors until an unlocked door is found. They then ransack the vehicle and look for anything with a high resale value (typically electronics like laptops, tablets and GPS units), guns and cash.

So LOCK your vehicle or LOSE your stuff! It’s that simple.